Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What the doc says is always true

So having two miscarriages isn't suppose to mean anything. I guess it's when you have three. On a lighter note, I can drink on our trip to Mesa Verde with the boys! Having a kid is much better than having a bottle of Merlot, for sure. Nothing has been changed, still on progesterone pills to extend the luteal phase. Still charting. Still doing the morning routine (which I hate).

If people think I'm joking about having a blow-out party at the one year mark, I'm not. This summer people... this summer!

Please Mr. Stork, remember my address this summer. I don't want to spend money on a huge party; I want to spend money on a child.

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Hayley said...

i need to get you in touch with my pregnancy guru friend. she knows it all & has tons of advice. i swear, she got me pregnant. i mean, not her personally, but her suggestions. and i'm almost positive she had the short luteal phase issue, too. and she had 2 kids since those issues were discovered.