Thursday, December 31, 2009

If I hear the phrase "baby dance" one more time...!

It's been months now and for those of you counting, seven. No blasted positive. No rise in BBT (google that one). Went to the doctor and will undergo some testing in March. Might be endometriosis. Might be tight fallopian tubes. Might be, might be. I asked Greg how much money we want to put into all this. We have no idea. Don't tell me the cliche, "It will happen" because quite frankly - it might not.

Sure, we thought we might NOT have kids when we first married. The idea of being a couple without kids, free to travel or whatever was very tempting. But, to make the decision to try and have no control over the outcome is what really pisses me off. I suppose the anger is that my choice has been taken away. Or so it seems.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cheesy Ass "Baby Dust"

Greg and I started trying to have a baby this August. Well, we stopped using contraceptives in August. An entire world of acronyms and shit about "dust" has been downloaded into my vocabulary. Greg was sweet and purchased the book What to Expect When You're Trying. It was very nice and I did read the entire book, although Greg loves to remind me of the details I can't remember. Damn his ability to retrieve such trivial facts. Is there a future on Jeopardy! perhaps?

At any rate, I'm really tired of the stress and worry of, "are we pregnant?" and it's only the third month of trying. I'm even more tired of the new term for the anxiety of trying to get PG ("pregnant" that's a duh one). Cheesy ass "baby dust." What bored, lame, naive chick thought of that one? The real feather-in-the-cap of the entire experience is my sudden irregularity when it's been clock work since age 11. I'm blaming that on the stress of TTC ("trying to conceive" for those outside of the baby dust crap acronyms).

Now that you all know of my regularity and age of menstruation onset, I'm done sharing. TTC is a PIMA ("pain in my ass" I just made that one up).

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cute Picture!


Our Last Trip

We went to Bear Lake with our neighbor friends Greg and Lance. It was a lot of fun but we were disappointed in the condo situation. The owners of the condo above us let their child and his bro-hood friends stay there. Did I mention there was a huge dog which we had to hear the owner be an ass to?

The neighbors seemed to enjoy staying out late, coming home in the early hours of the morning and continuing to party. Between both nights, I might have had eight hours of sleep. The real feather-in-the-cap was checking out. The managers weren't at all surprised to hear our complaints, in fact, everyone complains about the neighbors. NOW I'M MAD THAT I WASN'T INFORMED OF THIS BEFORE I BOOKED THE PLACE! Jerks.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Can it really be this easy?

Suddenly, I feel spoiled. After six years of scraping my way into a teaching post in a district, I find myself with so many resources that I don't know where to begin.

In the previous four years at the Salt Lake Arts Academy there were many projects. I'll always remember the students running with their heads down, staring at a dirty bowl of paint water, making sure to not spill on the way to the bathroom sink... where is the justice now that I have a sink in my room but no requirements to do art projects?

There was also vandalism in the bathroom (as expected) so students were not allowed to use the restrooms during class, even to obtain a drink from the fountain. Now, I have a water fountain in my room.

With charter school budget restraints, I never had classroom textbooks. Not only do I have textbooks, but many other units, primary sources, and my very own class sets of novelssssssssssssssss (yes, plural).

My projector at the Arts Academy was at least 15 years-old. What made matters worse, when I ran out of copies to use on the fancy copier for overheads, I had to hand write the sheets on the blank overhead pages. Now, I have an LCD projector. For real?!

Did I mention that I don't have to write curricula?

Now for Sandcastle Academy... half the time I was there, my computer didn't work. I would come in about two hours early and use my coworker's computer. Not only do I have my own computer, I have resources on the district website to use!

While Sandcastle had a good supply of teacher furniture, at the Arts Academy I purchased many of my shelves, books, and class supplies. In the Salt Lake District, I was brought into a room of furniture and told, "pick what you need."

Let's not forget the curricula part.

I'll always love the Arts Academy and Sandcastle. Great schools, great faculties, great admins. Perhaps "roughing it" made me a better-old-school teacher... but man, do I LOVE working for a district already!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer 2009

It's been almost a year since I've posted on this blog... I'm sure no one has been following. After spending last summer remodeling and planning a wedding, we decided to spend this summer doing "fun stuff." As we have discovered, when you over plan, it's not that much relaxing. Below is a our summer in review:



...16th & 17th - Escalante, Bryce, and Zion's. We took Annabell with us and this didn't work out well as Zion's is very strict about NO DOGS on any trails. It was torture being so close to the trails we love but unable to hike. Next time, no dogs on trips to Zion's National Park. It rained one night and day we were camping and we learned this would be a trend for us the entire summer!


...30th - Adoption of Eleanor. After trying two previous times, we finally adopted a dog that really fits our home. She is a Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mix and elderly. She was adopted through Second Chance for Homeless Pets. Eleanor is manic - either really hyper or really lazy. Neither her nor Annabell have desire to be alpha... so we're still working on placing Annabell alpha.



...4th - BBQ and fireworks show from Sugar House Park. This was a fun event! The highlight being the end of the show when thousands were leaving the park, walking down our street. It was like a parade that included Michael Jackson music blaring from our window and friends trying to get strangers to dance as they passed. Some did.


...8th - 11th - Wenatchee, WA. We spent a few nights and days with friends and family. I got to spend time with my nephew, Silas, whom I didn't know well. What a sweet boy. We had fun in the pool with Silas and my niece Ivy. I can't believe how tall she is! It was also really fun to spend time with my sister Kristin.


...12th - 14th - Lake Chelan, WA. Although we had planned on three nights camping at the lake, we decided to leave one day and night early as Greg was anxious to get back home to SLC. Lake Chelan was beautiful, as always, but as usual it rained one day and night we were there.


...20th - 23rd - Grand Canyon and Navajo Lake. Unfortunately we forgot to pack our camera for this trip. We purchased a disposable camera on the way into the park but I am not motivated to scanned pictures to put on this blog. What a trip to forget your camera! The Grand Canyon was amazing. We hiked the Kaibab trail and walked part of the Rim Trail. As normal for us, it rained during the day and night we were there. This was helpful, as the temperature was never over 85. On the drive home, we camped overnight at Navajo Lake in Dixie National Forest. It's more of a fishing lake than anything, but very pretty. We didn't bring the dogs on this trip and it was worth it even if we missed them greatly.

STILL TO COME - July 30th - Aug. 2nd - Bear Lake. After camping so much, we booked a condo with some friends. We are also not bringing the dogs again. This is our last outing for summer 2009.


I'll be working in the Salt Lake District teaching at Clayton Middle School. Similar to my last job, I'll be teaching English and History. The school is walking distance to our house and I'll be able to ride a bike (except during the crappy winter!).


Greg works for Tooele County School District and his previous school transferred him to another junior high with the shifting of students due to another school opening. He's happy to leave some lazy, moody teachers behind but sad to transfer schools. I've seen his new school, Tooele Junior High, and the building is completely vintage with tiled walls in the halls. It's pretty sweet... although that's pretty much all I know about the school.


In conclusion, even though this summer has been a blast, we are both anxious to get back into the groove of working. Greg and I may be in love and best friends, but it's time to have our days apart and mold some minds.