Monday, June 23, 2008

Weddings are for what?

Somebody remind me because all I know is stress (invites, event insurance, boxed wine sales, incorrect ring sizes, dress alterations, zits, oreos, and a disappearing savings)...

No really, someone tell me what the hell is going on???

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pride '08 Cash Cow

I'm sure Neil's blog will be ever-more entertaining regarding the same subject, Pride 2008, but I must share my utmost dismay.

Top Ten Reasons Pride 2008 SUCKED:

10. What was that bloody $10 entry fee?
9. What happened to the STREET dance? Who wants to dance on muddy, gross grass?
8. Since when did $5 buy you 3 ounces of wine?
7. When did it cost $50 to sit at a table in a PUBLIC park?
6. Do dirty, old pedophiles really think Greg is interested in them?
5. If bands volunteered their time to play, must we still pay the $10 to get in?
4. If you want people to pay for EVERYTHING, perhaps you should post where this money is going and not a simple, "To the Utah Pride Center."
3. Why must one pay the table fee to simply order the over-priced wine?
2. Is the Utah Aids Foundation having their Oscar party next year? (I'd prefer to attend that instead.)
1. Why were their so many strait couples there in prom attire?

Number one didn't necessarily suck, I just felt that Greg and I were under dressed having missed some mass email or announcement.

After going to Pride for so long in SLC, I'm disappointed in the cash cow it has become. Boo indeed and good bye Pride. I won't be attending next year.