Friday, October 24, 2008

Gutter Slutters

We need gutters around the house. There is some wood rot forming. Not good. The process of remodeling our basement has shown us how much neighborhoods can change what should be a fair estimate. One of our plumbing estimates for the bathroom included MOVING the already set toilet... it reached $6,000. Whatever, dude.

There are gutter sluts out there; they only wish to extort money from you and you should hate them. We did some research and estimated our gutters would be about $500, including labor. One bid, a company who also can't take the hint and calls at least twice a day, put a $800 price tag on the project. When I finally found a company who didn't ask for my address first, their estimate was the closing bid, $400. The salesperson admitted that companies have prices for different neighborhoods.

Have you seen my street? Have you met my neighbors? I haven't met one who is particularly wealthy. It's madness. Remember this - gutter sluts. They are out there and they only wish to molest your budget.