Saturday, May 15, 2010

Since no one is reading...

We just found out we are pregnant... again. We miscarried in March and are now pregnant the second time. The doctor gave me a hormone prescription so we are hoping the fetus will attach and make it. Since I'm spilling the beans, I have a short luteal phase which makes getting pregnant very hard. With a hormone treatment, we're suppose to make it to the second trimester. After the first is over, I should be able to carry the baby to full-term. *fingers crossed* Needless to say, we aren't telling people (blogging is okay b/c I never tell people to read it; it's more for me) because our excitement is different. When you try for so long and have issues, you don't assume it's going to work out and you don't run to announce it to the world. I am primarily blogging this b/c if the pregnancy does work out and people take an interest, this will be something to read. WE FOUND OUT WE ARE PREGNANT AGAIN.

Now, next week I am suppose to get an early ultrasound to check the implantation and a possible heartbeat. Again, hoping for the best but completely aware of the worse. Those who conceive easily are typically just happy at this moment. Greg and I are a bit scared. If you are reading this and have had a hard time getting pregnant, I hope it works out for you just as I hope it works out for us.

Hopefully my next blog will be sharing the good news of the ultrasound.

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